About Babble of the Books

Has there ever been a book you wanted everyone around you to read so that you could discuss it with them?

Have you ever read a book that befuddled you, that you knew was well-written, but you needed someone with which to talk it through so that you could get more out of it?

Have you ever cracked up while reading and begged your spouse/best friend/the person sitting next to you to listen to you read the passage aloud so they could laugh with you?

Have you ever secretly missed talking about books like you used to in school and wished to do so again?

Babble of the Books is for readers who want to deepen their reading through discussion, who use what they’re reading to reflect on personal experience, and who want to enrich the reading experience with community and conversation.

Each published post is an opportunity to get the conversation going. Every other week I highlight a recent read and new words I learned from it in Wordy Wednesday. At the end of each month I review all the books I read, from books I didn’t finish (DNFs) to 5-star-rated titles. But the real talk lies in the comments, where I hope to hear about the books you are reading too.

Babble of the Books is more than a book review site. Additional posts include essays and observations on the reading life. Readalongs. which function like an online book club, are periodically announced so that we can read and discuss a book together over several weeks.

Babble of the Books has room to grow. If you would like to see something specific here, send me a message using the site’s contact form. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

About the Author

I’m a chiropractor and tutor who lives in Los Angeles with my husband Mark. A Hufflepuff and cat-lover, I’m drawn to books with complex characters and strong writing, but I also love books that make me laugh.

You can find me on Goodreads, Facebook, and Instagram @babble_of_the_books.