About Babble of the Books


I started Babble of the Books with three things in mind. First, I wanted to create a website filled with positive, uplifting content. So much of the Internet these days is a platform for anger, I wanted to be sure what readers found when hopping onto the site would warm the soul, let them think, and make room for feeling content. Second, I decided to make the site a blog because I desired a writing project. I like to write, and I’ve written for myself for years; having a blog challenges me to write for others and motivates me to finish pieces that I start. Third, I chose books as the topic of my blog because I found that I wasn't satisfied merely with putting a book down after finishing it. I wanted to flesh out my thoughts on these books and hear from others about their reading of them too. A book blog combines these three things: a place for happy moments to craft my writing where readers can discuss books. 


My Return to Reading

While I read plenty as a kid, this habit waned in adulthood. The spark that rekindled my interest in books came in the form of a gift subscription to the Book of the Month Club. Once a month I would select one of five new special-edition hardcovers to receive in the mail. Since then I’ve only increased my reading, and I noticed my personal journals filling up with book quotes, reading analysis, and connections between my own experiences and what I’m reading about. This year I chose to have a dedicated reading journal, which not only tracks my reading throughout the year, but serves as the raw material from which to write the pieces shared on Babble of the Books. Reading to me is now more than a pastime; it perpetually refines my worldview, providing plenty of fodder for writing. 


Describing Babble of the Books

I designed Babble of the Books around my reading goals for 2020, which encompass three separate reading challenges. Unlike other book blogs, Babble of the Books is not set up to be monetized by promoting particular books, authors, publishers, or sellers. Nor is it primarily intended to be a book review site, although I'll often recommend a title by way of writing about the book in depth. Most Wednesdays I publish a “Wordy Wednesday” post in which I share thoughts about a recent read along with specific words I learned from it. Monthly I publish a recap of all the books I completed with a brief synopsis and my impressions of each. Occasionally I’m inspired to engage in a literary analysis of the texts. Overall I share what books teach me, from new words to new knowledge to new perspectives.

Reading is not mere escape: the stuff of life fills books. Reading validates us, challenges us, and changes us. Reading enriches our minds and the lives we lead even after the book closes. I think that’s worth talking about, don’t you?

About the Author

My name is Allie Phillips. I was raised in the Chicago suburbs. While I didn’t always love school, I did love to read. As a youngster my favorite books included anything by Roald Dahl, Anne of Green Gables (while Anne hated her red hair, I loved mine), the Redwall series, and kid-friendly thrillers by Caroline B. Cooney.


In my teens I remember being busy with band and piano, but I also remember enjoying a variety of books I had to read in school: A Separate Peace by John Knowles, My Antonía by Willa Cather, and The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers.


I attended Michigan State University (go green!) where I met my husband. In my second year, right before finals (not the best timing), I picked up the Harry Potter series for the first time—growing up, my dad said the books were evil and wouldn’t let me read them—and loved it.


After graduating from MSU I went to Palmer College in Iowa to earn my doctorate of chiropractic. Working hard on my degree meant dark times for my reading life. Between the textbooks and cadaver lab and clinic, I managed to read one novel, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I could barely put it down to eat or go to class until I finished it.


Finally, as a young(ish) adult living in Los Angeles, I bring you Babble of the Books, my first foray into blogging.


Thanks for joining me, and happy reading!

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