Book Review Policy

Most of the books I write about come from local public libraries, little free libraries, or are my own purchases. 

I accept books for review at my discretion. When I write about books I receive for review, I will begin with a statement acknowledging the fact that I received it as a gift in exchange for an honest review.


I accept print and audio books. I do not accept ebooks.


My favorite fiction is literary fiction and feminist literature. I’m open to contemporary fiction as well. 


When it comes to non-fiction, I immensely enjoy memoirs as well as creative non-fiction (think David Sedaris). Subjects I’m drawn to include the social sciences: psychology, sociology, anthropology. I’m especially interested in women’s issues, the intersection of social science and healthcare, and the philosophy and history of medicine, particularly alternative medicine. 


I do not accept self-published books, romance novels, or YA literature. 


Books that I accept for review will be featured in my monthly reading recap with either a star rating or the label DNF, along with a review approximately 1-3 paragraphs in length. Select books are featured in longer individual posts at my discretion. 


The reviews I write may also be posted on Goodreads, Instagram, and/or Facebook. 


The best way to contact me is through Babble of the Book’s website contact form. 


Thank you and happy reading!


Updated 2/21/21