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I’m back!


It’s been over a month since I last posted. This inadvertent hiatus was the side effect of what has been a tense and trying time for personal, public health, and political reasons.

Last month I celebrated my birthday, spending most of the day on the phone with my mom and my sister. I was dealing with a days-long vestibular migraine by that point, so I chose to take it easy. For dinner Mark ordered Thai food, and we enjoyed mango sticky rice in lieu of birthday cake. 

mango sticky rice
Mango sticky rice is SO GOOD

Mark applied for medical residency programs in ophthalmology, beginning a process that determines where we will live over the next four years. So far he has ten interviews, each held over Zoom and requiring an elaborate setup. Mark sits in our least-squeaky chair facing out from a corner of the living room, wearing a suit, all the floor lamps angled toward him as he stares at his phone set on a tripod above his laptop set on two textbooks on a TV tray. Due to the time difference, some of these interviews occur before dawn. There’s nothing like getting up and putting on a suit at 4am just to sit in your own home! 

We visited the family of Mark’s brother in the neighboring county, which was a delightful respite from the doldrum days of life during Covid. Mirabelle and Dominic, our niece and nephew, provide us with so much joy. On Halloween they couldn’t trick or treat, but they dressed as skeletons and spent quality time with their Tita and Tito (Tagalog for Aunt and Uncle). I took this photo of them with Mark. In the words of Mirabelle, aren’t they adoyable??

After months of simultaneous trepidation and anticipation, the election occurred. What a relief to know the outcome and to resurrect a sense of hope after these grim years of the orange reign. 

It’s been an overwhelming time. Throughout it all, I’ve been reading. I promise to share more book babble with you showcasing my favorite picks from the last six weeks, including science fiction, an old classic, and a spooky new release. Stay tuned!

What have you been reading this fall? Cozy mysteries? Escapist novels? Comfort reads? Please, do tell in the comment section below. And until next time, happy reading!



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